Clermont Senior Services is the exclusive contract agency investigating allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation of older adults in Clermont County. This state mandated program is provided in conjunction with the Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services.

When abuse, neglect or exploitation is suspected,
please contact the adult protective services Intake line at:


What types of things are considered abuse?

  • Neglect is the failure of an adult to provide the goods or services necessary for his or her own safety and/or
    well-being, such as avoiding physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness  or the failure of a caretaker
    to provide such goods or services.
  • Self -Neglect is the deprivation or withholding of daily living needs by older adults themselves or by their caregivers.
  • Exploitation is the unlawful or improper act of a caretaker using an adult or his/her resources for monetary
    or personal benefit, profit or gain.
  • Physical abuse is the intentional use of physical force that results in injury, pain or impairment. It includes
    pushing, hitting, slapping, pinching and other ways of physically harming a person. It can also mean placing
    an individual in incorrect positions, force feeding, restraining or giving medication without the person’s
  • Emotional abuse occurs when a person is threatened, humiliated, intimidated or otherwise psychologically
    hurt. It includes the violation of an adult’s right to make decisions and the loss of his or her privacy.
  • Sexual abuse includes rape or other unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact, but it can also mean forced
    or coerced nudity, exhibitionism and other non-touching sexual situations, regardless of the age of the perpetrator.


Clermont Senior Services has a longstanding contract with the Clermont County Probate Court to investigate and serve guardianships for those 18 and older who have their residence in Clermont County. There are three Court Investigators who work for Clermont Senior Services, and they are under contract with the Clermont County Probate Court. The Court Investigators are sanctioned and entitled to all powers under the Ohio Revised Code.


Our vision: Adults living in Clermont County will be free to reach their potential without risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation and are empowered by an educated community to live with dignity and autonomy.

In addition to case review, the C.AP.S. team also conducts educational outreach. If you would like members of the Education and Outreach Team to present a program for your group or organization, please contact Sharon Richmond at 513-732-4840 or Debra Hines at 536-4095.

Agencies & Individuals participating on the C.A.P.S. team:


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