Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The Clermont County Commissioners proclaimed Friday, June 15, Elder Abuse Awareness Day in Clermont County. This observance coincides with the national observance of  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Elder abuse is defined as any act of abuse, neglect or exploitation to a person over the age of 60. Elder adults of all socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds may be targets of this abuse which occurs in families, long term care facilities and communities.

In 2017, Adult Protective Services received 286 reported allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation in Clermont County the 2018 numbers are on track to far exceed that number.

Cindy Gramke, CEO/Executive Director at Clermont Senior Services stressed the importance of reporting these observances to the Adult Protective Services Team at 513-536-4085. Gramke assured complete privacy and protection of identity to anyone who reports an observance, she also stressed that reporters need to remember they’re not making a judgment call when they call the APS Team, only an observance of behavior.

Clermont Senior Services works in collaboration with many trusted community partners that comprise the CAPS Team (Community Protection and Advocacy for Seniors). This team meets monthly to discuss strategies for community outreach and preventative measures to deter abuse.

For more information about elder abuse or to schedule a speaking engagement with the CAPS Team, please visit our website here.

  • Jun 6, 2018
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