Crossroads GoLocal Project Impacts Many

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Crossroads Church canceled their services across all their campuses to participate in city-wide service weekend. 12,000 volunteers infiltrated our communities, far and wide, to serve families, organizations, individuals, and those close to our heart at Clermont Senior Services.

We identified older adults who receive services from us, here at Clermont Senior Services, who could benefit from a volunteer crew completing home improvement projects for them. Crossroads amazing team was able to serve 19 of the requests that were submitted and their service far exceeded our expectations! Here is a very small example of the touching stories that we heard after the GoLocal weekend:

Melvin and Nancy


Melvin and Nancy were in need of indoor painting, reaching the high spots just isn’t as easy as it used to be for the couple. The homeowners were elated with the job that was done, explaining, “The GoLocal group was prompt and very friendly, they did such a  fantastic job! I’m so proud of the young people that showed up, they knew exactly what to do and I could not have done a better job myself!”


Caroline had some significant repairs and outside yard work that needed to be completed. She spoke of the team that served her in the following way, ” Everybody was so friendly and they all worked so hard. They did such a nice job fixing the roof in my entry way, it had significant water damage. They also trimmed up the bushes and now I can see out my bedroom window.”

Adult Day Services Center Improvements

A great group of workers arrived Friday morning to spruce up the patio at the Lois Brown Dale Adult Day Services Center. This group power washed the fence, painted the picnic tables and flower boxes, as well several other tasks. One of the customers at the center offered to make a video to tell them just how much their service meant to her:

see her video here


Clermont Senior Services Customers were not the only people who realized benefits from this day. A Crossroads GoLocal volunteer shared this touching story with us regarding a treasured WWII Veteran they had the opportunity to serve:


Our team had an amazing day serving a sweet, 94 year old World War II Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient and his wife. They own a home in Owensville with several acres of land and have lived their for years. Mr. Partin is amazingly capable for his age and loves tending to his land, but doesn’t have the capacity because his sweet wife has severe dementia and cannot be left alone, even for a moment. 

Our team of kids and adults did some general yard work and helped prepare the space and lay gravel in his driveway. Several of us took turns ‘babysitting’ Mrs. Partin (as Mr. Partin called it) in their home and telling her stories. She couldn’t talk much, but she loved watching the kids and hearing our stories. 

 Mr. Partin was ever so thankful for our help, but what he didn’t realize is how much he blessed us. We heard stories from the war and he even serenaded us with his favorite Mother’s Day song he planned to sing at church the next day and many of us were brought to tears. We were in awe of his ability, work ethic, wit and charm at his age.

 God showed up there Saturday. Big time. Unknowingly, one of our team members had experience with dementia patients so she was able to step right in and spend the most time with Mrs. Partin. We even had a skilled Plummer on our team who was able to help with a clogged toilet 🙂 And God sent us a team of selfless workers including the hardest working 10 and 14 year old I’ve ever seen! 

 The kids loved working in their yard and were even able to enjoy some shaded rest time on their beautiful, peaceful property. 

 The most touching moment of the day came though when Mr. Partin reunited with his wife after helping in the yard all day. He walked in and said ‘Did you miss me?’ and she just lit up. It was beautiful. They clearly have a God centered marriage and a love that lasts a lifetime and beyond. 

 GOLocal was a blessing for us all. Thanks so much to the team of people who orchestrated this day. We were the hands and feet of Jesus and I think our city and beyond felt His love!



  • May 17, 2018
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