Covid-19 CEO Public Statement

February 18, 2021 – PUBLIC STATEMENT

Clermont Senior Services is vigilant in our commitment to the quality of life of older adults in Clermont County.  By our very mission, our services are based upon the safety, well-being and protection of older adults living in Clermont County by providing a broad scope of home and community-based services, enabling older adults to remain in their own homes, and as active and independent as possible.

Please be aware that as this situation changes, so will our decisions with regard to service delivery.  Please frequently check this source for possible changes.  New information will be placed in red font for easier access to updates.

Clermont Senior Services is engaging in regular communication with the local Health Department, the Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio and state departments, such as the Ohio Department of Aging and LeadingAge Ohio.

  1. First and foremost, all critical home-based are operational.  These programs include Home Care, Meals-on-Wheels, Transportation, Home Repair/Modification, Adult Protective Services and Guardianship Investigations.
  2. All employees and volunteers continue to receive instructions and/or training on preventing the spread of COVID-19 [Coronavirus].
  3. We are committed to assuring that older adults in Clermont County have the food and supplies they need in the event they, or someone they know, is unable to get it for them. Since March 16, we have added new seniors to the Meals-on-Wheels program at CSS.  The week of March 30th, Clermont Senior Services distributed 14 Shelf Stable Meals to each Priority I Meals-on-Wheels customer.  A second group of 14-day Shelf Stable Meals were provided to Meals-on-Wheels participants the week of April 27.  These meals were intended for future use should services be forced to close completely for a specified period of time.  A supply of frozen meals, for future use, were delivered to all Priority II and III Meals-on-Wheels customers.  In addition, calls are screened by our Intake Department and referrals are made to local pantries, while others are processed by the Clermont Senior Services Emergency Pantry (see information regarding donations and distributions below). 
  4. Effective 3-16-2020, the Lois Brown Dale Adult Day Services Welcome Center (ADS) closed to all customers and re-opened on Monday, October 19, 2020. In compliance with the newly-established Orders issued by the Governor’s office and the Ohio Department of Aging, all staff associated or having access to the ADS Center, as well as all customers, are currently undergoing COVID-19 testing that is being conducted in partnership with HealthSource of Ohio.  Both customers and staff are required to be tested every two weeks after their initial testing. Staff and persons scheduled to attend the ADS Center in its first week of operation were tested Monday, October 12 and Tuesday, October 13, 2020.  In addition, all participants and staff will practice an established protocol of safe distancing, restricted contact activities and must wear masks at all times.  The re-opening of the ADS Center has been a deliberate process and customer families are being kept updated.  Staff will continue to check on active customers who are not re-integrated immediately and keep families updated. As a result of two customers and a staff person testing positive for COVID19, CSS leadership closed the facility on November 17, 2020, allowing for appropriate quarantine and re-testing during the normal testing cycle.
  5. The Adult Day Services Center re-opened on Monday, January 11, 2021 and is operating with very limited capacity.
  6. Clermont Senior Services Transportation Department is transporting individuals to and from vaccine clinic sites.  State funding, being administered through Council on Aging, is being provided in some situations.  This funding enables CSS to leverage service dollars in order for the agency to fulfill these requests.  Management of the seven apartment communities for low income seniors, developed and operated by Clermont Senior Services, is working closely with the National Guard to formulate a plan for establishing vaccine clinics at each of its communities for the purpose of administering the vaccinations there.
  7. In order to assist supporting those seniors who regularly attended the CSS Adult Day Services Center, and are not yet scheduled to return, Clermont Senior Services will continue its series of interactive online activities and entertainment. Families and customers are contacted and advised of the availability of the opportunity and given instructions on accessing same through ZOOM.  Currently, Adult Day Services ZOOM calls are taking place twice weekly, offering activities for customers from ADS. 
  8. In addition to ADS re-opening, and in compliance with the Governor’s Orders, the Union Township and Miami Township Lifelong Learning Centers re-opened on Monday, October 19, 2020. No transportation is being provided for Lifelong Learning Center participants inasmuch as the vehicles must be utilized to assure safe distancing carrying a limited number of passengers for medical treatments and physician visits, as well as for Adult Day Services Center participants, when it is open.  Please refer to our website, for schedules and updates on the Miami Township and Union Township Center re-opening.   Although Lifelong Learning Center staff must be COVID-19 tested before beginning operation and every two weeks, participants are not required to do so.  State requirements include that everyone must wear a mask at all times and safe distancing measures have been put into place.
  9. Staff must phone customers prior to any home visit/appointment, requesting information to help us better prepare for service. Those persons we serve are being asked to alert their case managers or specific departments (i.e. Transportation, Home Care, Meals-on-Wheels) if they are presenting any of the common symptoms, such as an elevated temperature, coughing, sneezing and/or shortness of breath.
  10. All seven senior housing communities operated by Clermont Senior Services are following precautionary guidelines and are not hosting events or activities in their respective community rooms.  Further, there are limitations with regard to visits. All visitors are required to sign in upon entering a facility.  Residents and their families are asked to call the Property Manager at the respective community for more information.  All other currently operating services of Clermont Senior Services will continue for residents receiving services in the facilities (home care, transportation to medical appointments and meals-on-wheels).
  11. Clermont Senior Services has discontinued the Emergency COVID-19 pantry, but continues to operate its normal pantry operation, which is facilitated by case managers for persons served by the agency. We continue to accept donations of cleaning products, sanitizer, masks, and other personal care, bedding and some new clothing items, as usual, but will not be accepting or distributing food staples.   We thank everyone who donated to the Emergency pantry as it served a critical role in our ability to keep seniors living safely when they should not have ventured out of homes.
  12. Adult Protective Services referrals continue to be received and followed-up by investigation with regard to reported/referred cases of suspected elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. Referrals remained consistent for all months, with approximately 41 to 45 referrals in each month, but have already surpassed the number of referrals received at this same time last year.
  13. The Guardianship Investigations conducted by contract with Clermont County Probate Court continue.
  14. Staff participate in a number of committees and efforts throughout the County and in cooperation with the Clermont County Health District and Emergency Services.

Anyone with any questions regarding this Public Statement, please call Clermont Senior Services at 724-1255.

  • Feb 18, 2021
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