Clermont Senior Services is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides vital services to over 5,000 older adults in Clermont County every year, most of whom receive multiple services. As the aging population continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to meet the need for service. Donations are critically important.

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A Touching Story of Thanks

Mary has a long history of being a caregiver. She helped care for her father who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, her mother who required at-home dialysis treatment, and her husband of nearly 41 years until his passing in 2013. Mary’s husband, Sam, was an Army Veteran who received many services from the VA. Clermont Senior Services stepped in to help Mary and Sam with other needed services that the VA wasn’t able to provide such as floor repairs so Mary could help Sam maneuver through their home in his wheelchair, the installation of grab bars in the restroom and also personal care and homemaking services.

Mary had a ramp installed so Sam could venture outside of their home using his walker. The ramp allowed him the freedom to leave his home safely and for that, they were grateful. Unfortunately, in December 2013, Sam passed away. Mary remembered hearing that there was a waiting list of people who were in need of a wheelchair ramp and being the caring person she is, decided to forward her ramp on to someone else in need. Mary contacted Clermont Senior Services and plans were made to have a group of volunteers dismantle and relocate the ramp. When speaking of her experience with the Clermont Senior Services volunteers, Mary recalled, “about 7 of them came to take the ramp, they were very nice and I had no idea they planned on building a nice deck with steps in place of the wheelchair ramp!” Today, Mary utilizes the services of the Transportation Department to take her to and from doctor appointments downtown.

One of the beneficiaries of Mary’s generosity was Barb. Barb lives with her husband, Ray, who also acts as her caretaker. Barb had an operation that later required her to use a walker to stay mobile and it was no longer possible for her to navigate the steep steps outside their home. Ray and Barb had previously used Transportation Services to get to and from doctor appointments and that is how they learned about the other services offered through Clermont Senior Services. Ray spoke with the Home Repair Department and expressed their need for a ramp. The timing was perfect and Ray and Barb were the recipients of the ramp Mary donated. Ray expressed such gratitude upon receiving the ramp saying, “it was a lifesaver, Mary would have had to stay in the nursing home if it weren’t for the installation of the ramp.” Barb also visits Adult Day Services twice a week in order to have the opportunity to socialize with others. Ray told us that the drivers who transport Barb are always so courteous and polite, and it is evident that they keep a high morale on the bus and for that, he is thankful.

The stories of Mary and Barb are just a small example of what can be accomplished when generous people like yourself give to Clermont Senior Services. Would you please join us in donating so we can continue to improve the quality of life for older adults in Clermont County?

Executive Director/CEO


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