Clermont Senior Services is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides vital services to over 5,000 older adults in Clermont County every year, most of whom receive multiple services. As the aging population continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to meet the need for service. Donations are critically important.

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Caring for the Most Vulnerable


” My life is so much better now, I feel safe and I’m surrounded by caring people. If it weren’t for Adult Protective Services and the Police Department, I may not be here today.”


Clermont Senior Services is the exclusive contract agency investigating allegations of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation of older adults in Clermont County. The cases that come before Adult Protective Services are often disturbing and the frequency of reports are rapidly escalating, doubling in numbers over the past eight years. This is, mostly, attributed to the opiate addiction problem facing our county. With timely intervention and the cooperation of local law enforcement, many people realize a happy ending to what could have been a very dangerous situation.

In one such case, 65 year old, Freda Underwood was referred to Adult Protective Services for reported exploitation by individuals in her apartment complex. Unfortunately, Freda had been threatened that if she told anyone what was happening to her, they would harm her. Each time the Police or APS staff visited, she denied that she was being abused by the perpetrators.

Following another report from a concerned neighbor, an officer was finally able to speak to Freda alone. She told him that the couple with whom she was living forced her to wash the walls of her apartment using bleach and they would not allow her to use gloves. As a result of her working without gloves, she received chemical burns that they would not allow her to treat. The victim reported that the male perpetrator put his hands on her throat several time and choked her. Freda was reportedly slapped and kicked constantly and did not have access to her social security income.

The reposing officer transported Freda to Clermont Mercy Hospital for treatment of her chemical burns. The next day, Freda was discharged to a residential care facility where she continues to thrive today.

Shortly thereafter, the individuals who subjected Freda to the heinous acts were sentences to 21.5 years and 12.5 years in prison and charged with assault, kidnapping and theft.

If not for the services provided to Freda through Clermont Senior Services, things may have turned out drastically different. Would you consider partnering with us to ensure older adults in our County have the same opportunities to thrive and lead happy, healthy, lives? Your donation can make a life-changing difference to people when they need it most.


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